Georgia Vardarou

°1983, Athens, lives in Barcelona and works mainly in Barcelona and Brussels. Georgia is one of Kunst/Werk’s satellites.

  •  Divergent listenings, studies on denaturations of sound and movement


(c)TristánPerez_Martin - Divergent Lstenings

GEORGIA VARDAROU / Escoltes divergents ©Tristán Pérez-Martín


We are in a museum, the same one you are in now. We have researched into three musical pieces, deriving from the temporal exhibition curated by Ferran. Georgia, Júlia, and Martí have undergone a process of denaturalizing these pieces employing their respective mediums. Eleni and Quim were also asked to think and create along with us. Today the research process unfolds as a performance that you can experience and perhaps, become part of. We will expose different stages of this process of denaturalization until any semblance to the initial material, with perhaps the exception of the bodies themselves, is destroyed. Firstly, we will approach ‘I am sitting in a room’ by Alvin Lucier, then ‘Vinyl Coda I’ by Philip Jeck, and last ‘Disintegration Loops’ by William Basinski.

What you will hear, then, is not these pieces but what became of them through time and practice. What you will see, then, is not a set choreography on these pieces, but rather kinetic attempts that resonate and eventually disintegrate until autonomous dance materials appear. As a moving audience, feel free to circulate, sit… and change your perspective.

At the very end of the circuit, we will lead you to a room where you could, if you wish, touch the instruments and produce sounds,  just like the Baschet brothers, the creators of some of the instruments we are using, would have liked you to. We regard this activity not so much as a demonstration of our capacities, but more as a way to smooth out any irregularities between our different perceptions.


Concept, research, creation, performance: Georgia Vardarou

Research, creation, performance: Júlia Rúbies Subirós

Research, creation, sound: Martí Ruiz Carulla

Costume design: Eleni Chaidemenaki

Dramaturgy: Quim Bigas

Photography, video: Tristàn Pérez-Martín

Special thanks to Peter Lenearts & Ferran Fages

Coproduction: Graner, Museu de la Música de Barcelona, ICUB

Production: Kunst/Werk

(c)TristánPerez_Martin - Divergent Lstenings

GEORGIA VARDAROU / Escoltes divergents ©Tristán Pérez-Martín