Now this season ’18-’19 is coming to an end, i want to share some of the wonderful encounters & exchanges i had while coaching some of my fellow artists. Coaching, artistic advice, outside eye: it is all basically the same activity. It is about trying to watch closely during rehearsals, trying to follow the train of thoughts of the choreographers & reacting to & reflecting on what you witness in a sphere of total confidence, intimacy & openness. I’d like to call my approach an X-Ray vision: trying to see through the outside of things right to the heart of it.
Last season i had the pleasure to work with Ann Van den Broek on ‘Blueprint on Memory’; with Charlotte Vanden Eynde & Nicolas Rombouts on ‘Hyphen’ (to be continued); with Wouter Krokaert & co on ‘Composities in het wilde weg’; with Bahar Temiz & Daphne Koutsafti on ‘Zee’ and with Peter Savel on the outcome of his research project.
Next season i will be in the studio together with Georgia Vardarou & David Bergé, Bahar Temiz, Mesut Arslan, Marlies Heuer & Jan Kuijken, Igor Shyshko & Tale Dolven and last but not least with Jan Martens. SUPERSTARS!