(based on a true story) #6


SUPERSTUDIO #2 @ ANTWERP ART WEEKEND 2022  – (based on a true story) #6 – It’s a Temporary Thing

For SUPERSTUDIO #2 Stellar brings together in a total installation new sculptures by visual artist Katleen Vinck, a monumental work by Dutch photographer Paul Kooiker and a performance by choreographer Marc Vanrunxt. These artists are each active in a different discipline but share a fascination for the hybrid and the space between abstraction and recognition.

SUPERSTUDIO #2 takes place at Duinstraat 124 in the large hall of a former transformer building in the North of Antwerp.

Performance with Robson Ledesma (dance) and Daniel Vanverre (sound) on 26 May between 14:00 – 21:00 and on 27, 28, 29 May between 14:00 – 18:00. SUPERSTUDIO #2 is realised with the support of the city of Antwerp and Kunst/Werk.



Katleen Vinck & Stellar invited Marc Vanrunxt to participate in the new edition (#2) of SUPERSTUDIO during the Antwerp Art Weekend 2022.

Under the title (based on a true story), choreographer Marc Vanrunxt wants to develop a new presentation model with dancers, visual artists and/or musicians from spring 2021 onwards. Marc envisages short working sessions in which encounter and exchange are central. The duration, context and form will vary greatly and depend on the encounter & exchange in question.

For this occasion Marc Vanrunxt wants to work together with dancer and choreographer Robson Ledesma on (based on a true story) Project #6 It’s a Temporary Thing. It will be their first collaboration.

Marc also invited sound designer Daniel Vanverre to create an auditive space. Daniel and Marc worked previously together on Prototype (2017) and Adagio (2021).

In (based on a true story) #6 It’s a Temporary Thing, Marc, Robson, Katleen and Daniel will try to find a common ground between time, space, movement and sound in a durational performance.

  • Thursday 26/05 – 14:00 > 21:00
  • Friday 27/05 till Sunday 29/05 – 14:00 > 18:00


Marc Vanrunxt

Robson Ledesma

Daniel Vanverre

installation + image
Katleen Vinck (Base-Alpha Gallery)



SUPERSTUDIO #2 is realised with the support of the city of Antwerp and Kunst/Werk.