(based on a true story) #3 – #4


Under the title (based on a true story), choreographer Marc Vanrunxt wants to develop a new presentation model with dancers, visual artists and/or musicians from spring 2021 onwards. Marc envisages short working sessions in which encounter and exchange are central. The duration, context and form will vary greatly and depend on the encounter & exchange in question.


The collaboration with Kinga Jaczewska led to the short solo UNSELF. And the exchange with dancer Kevin Fay led to the solo ECLIPSE. Both solos were alternately shown during the 4th edition of the festival The Image Generator at Extra City in September 2021.


The solos were developed in close cooperation with the dancers according to the above principles. They were alternately presented on a platform (pedestal) every day of the festival, which further questions the boundary between dance and sculpture.

Link to The Image Generator


choreography: Marc Vanrunxt in close cooperation with dancers Kinga Jaczewska and Kevin Fay.
production: Kunst/Werk
with thanks to hetpaleis for the studio space