(based on a true story) #2


Under the title (based on a true story), choreographer Marc Vanrunxt wants to develop a new presentation model with dancers, visual artists and/or musicians from spring 2021 onwards. Marc envisages short working sessions in which encounter and exchange are central. The duration, context and form will vary greatly and depend on the encounter & exchange in question.


For the opening of the exhibition ‘Zweefkracht Zwaartevlucht‘ in Hof ter Saksen in Beveren,  Igor Shyshko explored, together with the public, the park as a dancing work of art, appearing and disappearing in nature on Sunday, 13 June 2021.

participating artists: Philip Aguirre y Otegui,Willem Boel, Stief Desmet, Johan Gelper, Frederic Geurts, Theo Jansen, Warre Mulder, Michaël Pycke, Edith Ronse, Katleen Vinck, Josua Wechsler

pictures © Cedrik Toselli


choreography: Marc Vanrunxt in close cooperation with dancer Igor Shyshko