(based on a true story) #1


Under the title (based on a true story) choreographer Marc Vanrunxt wants to develop, from Spring 2021 onwards, a new presentation model with various dancers, visual artists and musicians with whom he would like to collaborate. Marc envisages short working sessions in which encounter and exchange are central. The duration, context, form will vary greatly and depend on the encounter and exchange in question.

A first meeting took place with dancer Jaime Llopis in STUK and resulted in MIN OF MEER / MORE OR LESS. In his work, Llopis tries to put into practice a series of de-identification mechanisms. The de-identification of the object of representation. De-identifying the subject as performer. De-identifying the subject as spectator. De-identifying the time and space of representation. Undoing the silent logic of identity that entangles all these elements, in an attempt to defer expectation.


MIN OF MEER / MORE OR LESS was a guest at SUPERSTUDIO, an artist initiative of Katleen Vinck during Antwerp Art Weekend. She organized a group show in the monumental hall of her studio. In the former transformer station she invited artists with whom she feels an affinity for various reasons: Nadia Naveau (Base-Alpha Gallery), Tom Volkaert (Everyday Gallery), Octave Vandeweghe (valerie_traan gallery), Peter Rogiers (Tim Van Laere Gallery), Marius Ritiu (DMW Gallery), Leyla Aydoslu (0090 / Fred & Ferry Gallery).