(based on a true story) #5


Under the title (based on a true story), choreographer Marc Vanrunxt wants to develop a new presentation model with dancers, visual artists and/or musicians from spring 2021 onwards. Marc envisages short working sessions in which encounter and exchange are central. The duration, context and form will vary greatly and depend on the encounter & exchange in question.


On Wednesday the 9th of November 2021 choreographer Marc Vanrunxt, dancer Samantha Van Wissen and filmmaker Stanislav Dobak stepped out of the dance studio to make a short movie on the streets of Brussels.

Samantha is dancing on the memory she has of ‘Marche pour la Cérémonie des Turcs’ by Jean-Baptiste Lully. Instead of Lully we hear cars and other street noises.

(based on true story) Project #5 Cérémonie is set against the skyline of Brussels North as seen from the Jubelfeestbrug in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek.



(based on a true story) Project #5 Cérémonie

idea by Marc Vanrunxt

dance by Samantha van Wissen

director of photography and edit by Stanislav Dobàk