OHM cover version of Vanrunxts ‘My solo for Marie (Destroyed)’ @ corso on 25/04/2023!

In 2010, choreographer of WArd/waRD – Ann Van den Broek – created a cover version of ‘My solo for Marie (Destroyed)’, a dance piece Marc Vanrunxt created with and for Marie De Corte in 1997. Ann turned the solo into a trio and took the ‘(Destroyed)’ part from the original title literally.
OHM is a ‘heavy metal’ inversion of the solo in which Ann & performers turn everything inside out. It is a deconstruction or a ‘shattering’ of both the choreography and scenography of ‘My solo for Marie (Destroyed)’.
Last February, a new version of OHM premiered at Theatre Rotterdam, thirteen years after its creation.
Next stop is @ c o r s o in Berchem, Antwerp on Tuesday 25 April.
On Wednesday 26 April, Kunst/Werk’s brand new ‘Hyena Hyena‘ is presented to the public for the very first time @ c o r s o as well.
Welcome & save the dates!
(c) Rio Staelens