k/w christmas message 🎄


2019 was – despite the multiple barbarisms, at home and elsewhere – a tough but fabulous year for Kunst/Werk and myself.

As we are approaching the end of the year, I would like to thank and praise the fabulous people I have been working with.

First of all i would like to say THANK YOU to the K/W-satellites Igor Shyshko, Georgia Vardarou, Lise Vachon and Peter Savel

for their support and inspiration during the creation of DRAWINGS and for their own beautiful and powerful productions and activities.

DRAWINGS was realized with the extraordinary team of Slagwerk Den Haag. 

Six percussionist played Le noir de l’étoile by Gérard Grisey, live @ Concertgebouw Brugge during the KOSMOS festival.

THANK YOU Fedor Teunisse and everyone @ SDH & CGB for this life-changing experience.

Together with Jan Martens, Katleen Vinck and Stef Alleweireldt we realized lostmovementsaka The Jan Martens Project.

THANK YOU to this wonderful team, as well to everyone @ GRIP.

Another major project was The House of Art and Beauty. Katleen Vinck and myself invited A LOT of artists, visual artists, performers and choreographers, to participate in this one off Sunday Afternoon Festival @ Duinstraat, Antwerpen.

It was the first of September; that day i’ll always remember, yes i will.

THANK YOU to all the artists who made THOA&B a legendary event. (the list is really too long to mention here. please check: www.kunst-werk.be).

THANK YOU to the many visitors on that day. It was heartwarming to see everybody enjoying the ride.

I worked together with some Very Interesting People in various projects such as Nathan Ooms, Tale Dolven, Lieve Dierckx, Rudi Meulemans, Laurent Philippe, Mesut Arslan and Koenraad Dedobbeleer. THANK YOU.

Ann Van den Broek, Charlotte Vanden Eynde, Nicolas Rombouts, Wouter Krokaert, Bahar Temiz: You are always on my mind! 

These last few weeks i have been working @ KASK DRAMA, Gent. THANK YOU to Ba1 and Ba3 for your energy and enthusiasm, and Please don’t Panic (too much).

THANK YOU to all the places that presented our work in 2019: Leuven, Antwerpen, Brugge, Brussel, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, London, Leipzig, Paris, Lausanne, Firenze, Tilburg, Beveren, Waregem, Mechelen, Genk, Barcelona, Gent, Roubaix.

And last but not least THANK YOU Jaime Llopis & team for Samantha, the most fascinating performance of the year, seen @ Buda.

2020 is approaching with new projects together with Stef Van Looveren, Paul Verrept, Tom Volkaert, Kevin Fay, the K/W-Satellites of Love, Yutaka Oya & ChampdAction, Marlies Heuer & more.



(marc vanrunxt, 11 december 2019)