On 27 September 2020, choreographer Marc Vanrunxt and Kunst/Werk presented  (based on a true story) the first of a series of alternative presentations.

This performance slash exhibition slash book presentation took place in the Duinstraat 124 in Antwerp in Katleen Vinck’s studio within the framework of the In Situ festival The Image Generator.

For exactly one hour Jan Martens, Bahar Temiz and Igor Shyshko danced, Paul Verrept read and Els Mondelaers sang amidst sculptures by Katleen Vinck.  All these artists referred to their recent collaboration with Marc Vanrunxt.

After the performance the audience was invited to have a look at and/or buy the brand-new publication You must understand that we lived in an atmosphere of euphoria, youth and enthusiasm that can hardly be imagined today, realized by Marc Vanrunxt and Paul Verrept about Vanrunxt’s work since 1981.

herewith a short excerpt:

more information about this event: