Since 1997, I have started buying existing (designer) clothes as the ‘costumes’ for my choreographies. I always considered them as ‘objets trouvés’, or ready mades, which had a huge impact on the aesthetics of the performance. I was not very interested in the fashion element of it, but was rather intrigued by the architectural and sculptural pieces of, for example, Maison Martin Margiela, Lieve Van Gorp, Anna Heylen, Vivienne Westwood and, from 2010, Rick Owens. I still have many of these jewels in the Kunst/Werk Archive. But ten years ago I decided to donate some of the more fragile pieces to the safe hands of Antwerp Fashion Museum MOMU, where they are kept in refrigerator-like safes.  Here are a few photos of the pieces in the MOMU collection, once worn on stage by the dancers Rosa Hermans, Marie-Anne Schotte, Eva Kamala Rodenburg, Ineke Schrijvers, Charlotte Vanden Eynde and myself.