From early in my career, I have been working on a regular basis with several educational institutions such as the ‘Theaterschool Amsterdam Mime-Opleiding’ (1984-2001) and the ‘Hoger Instituut voor Dans/Conservatorium Dans Antwerpen’ (1995-2012), as well as ‘KASK DRAMA Gent’ (2014-now) and ‘P.A.R.T.S. Brussels’ (2016), amongst others. 

A constant recurrent theme in my classes is the passing on of the ‘Ruimteleer’ (notions of space) as designed by Rudolf von Laban (1879-1958). My teacher, An Slootmaekers, learned it from Lea Daan who learned it from Mr. Laban himself. So my classes go back to the early 1930s, keeping this tradition alive. The ‘Ruimteleer’ is an exercise in directions and a tool to create harmony in the body and in the space around the body, the kinesphere. Hereby a short clip from my most recent class @ KASK DRAMA with the Ba1 students, last December ’18 (filmed by Jeanne Weiss).