On the occasion of the premiere of PINK & ORANGE in STUK last October, we published a new cahier with two essays by Lieve Dierckx.

It is called About the creation. The publication combines an older text Impressions about lostmovements* (2019) with a new text Some notes on-non obstruction and interpenetration, about the creation process of PINK & ORANGE** (2021).


At the invitation of Marc Vanrunxt, Lieve Dierckx closely followed the creation process of both creations. Both essays give an insight into the creation of a choreography on the basis of interviews, mail traffic, telephone conversations, rehearsals and discussions afterwards, with or without food & drink (usually with).

The cahier was designed by Paul Verrept. Siska Baeck wrote 5 reflections on her experience as a spectator.

>> Feel free to pick up a copy at our office @ Kleine Markt 7, Antwerp.

We have a Dutch and an English version.


*lostmovements is a solo with and for Jan Martens in collaboration with GRIP.


**PINK & ORANGE is performed by Lise Vachon, Igor Shyshko, Peter Savel, Iris Eysermans, Yutaka Oya in collaboration with ChampdAction.