The 4 Extremities by AMVK (1984) 

(De vier uitersten, 1984)

The 4 Extremities is an animation movie by Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven. It is partially based on Vanrunxt’s first solo for himself called Solo Voor Duizend Mannen (Zwarte Dans) (1982).

Anne-Mie saw his performance in the early 80’s @ Paradox in Antwerpen, an alternative workspace in the attic for performance art in Antwerpen with a huge space for clubbing downstairs. 

Vanrunxt performed his solo on Anne-Mie’s invitation @ Club Moral and Danny Hiele made a film of it. Later AMVK turned some images of it into an animated movie version. 

This was the beginning of a lifelong collaboration, artistic exchange and friendship.