marc vanrunxt


Marc Vanrunxt & Arco Renz


Discografie is a double solo, created by two choreographers, Marc Vanrunxt and Arco Renz. Marc invited Arco into collaboration. Both makers will create a solo for dancer Rob Fordeyn and weave their material into one performance.

In February 2012 Vanrunxt made a first study for Rob Fordeyn in the context of the Marc@Monday project in which he introduced the classical ballet attitude and technique to a world of glitter and glamour. Rob Fordeyn danced with the Royal Ballet of Flanders between 2003 and 2007. Since then he went his own way as freelancer, working with The Forsythe Company, Jean Luc Ducourt and Trajal Harrell. The specific background and quality of movement of Fordeyn are at stake in this shared creation, in which two ways of writing will start a dialogue.

Marc Vanrunxt made his debut as choreographer at the beginning of the eighties, when contemporary dance emerged in Flanders. Arco Renz belongs to the first generation of P.A.R.T.S. graduates and started his own company Kobalt Works in 2000. Both Marc Vanrunxt and Arco Renz developed a unique voice in the dance field. The affinity between both oeuvres lies in the attention for stillness and mystery, in a sustained radicalism and precision that leads to a moving ‘beauty’. Artistic dialogues have been at the heart of both choreographers practice. They clarify the contours of the dance and challenge it. For Discografie, Marc Vanrunxt also invited Daniel Vanverre as sound designer. When Marc and Arco went through their record collection they discovered a shared interest for pop music from the eighties. The catching disco beats and impetuous synthesised sounds will be taken apart by Daniel Vanverre and fragmented into a sound of its own, referring to early electronic music. Steve Alleweireldt will again be responsible for light design and the technical realisation.


choreography:  Marc Vanrunxt & Arco Renz
dance: Rob Fordeyn
sound design: Daniel Vanverre
advice: Marie-Anne Schotte
light, technical realisation: Stef Alleweireldt
production: Kunst/Werk
co-production: Kobalt Works, Stuk
with thanks to: Monty, ChampdAction, Lies Huygens
with support from: The Flemish Community


  • 08/10/13 PREMIERE Stuk, Louvain
  • 10/10/13 Monty, Antwerp
  • 26/10/13 C-Mine, Genk
  • 04/12/13 CC Strombeek-Bever
  • 20/12/13 Kaaistudio's, Brussels as part of the Kunst/Werk week from 18-20 December
  • 20/02/14 Toneelhuis, Antwerp
  • 18/10/14 CC Aarschot
  • 21/11/14 Istanbul
  • 22/11/14 Istanbul
  • 23/01/15 Schouwburg Kortrijk in Courtrai
  • 15/04/15 Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)