salva sanchis

Salva Sanchis


Salva Sanchis was born in Manresa, a town near Barcelona. He followed theatre studies at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, specializing on body theatre, mime technique, sword fighting, acrobatics and Aikido.

In 1995 he moved to Belgium to study at P.A.R.T.S., where he graduated among the first generation of students of the school. There he created several solos and group pieces. His graduation project Less than a moment, a one hour piece with five dancers, was presented in several places in Europe.

In 1998 he created Underline, a short piece for three dancers commissioned by the Centro Cultural de Belem, in Lisbon. In April 1999 he premiered Reckless Reckoning, a duet made and performed in collaboration with Florence Augendre. In June 2000 he premiered the solo Gap, which was conceived as a preliminary study for the group piece Itch & Fear (2002)After this came Previous (2003) a piece for five dancers that marked a change of direction towards a more abstract dance language and deeper research in improvisation. In the same year, and based on some of the material of Itch & Fear, Salva choreographed the duet Constant Relay.

In 2003 Salva joined the Rosas company as a freelance dancer for the production Bitches Brew / Tacoma Narrows. This led to a choreographic collaboration with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker that was made concrete in the projects Desh (2004) and Love Supreme (2005), where Sanchis and De Keersmaeker signed the choreographies together. Salva also choreographed the basic dance vocabulary for the Rosas creations Kassandra and Raga for the Rainy Season.

In the same period and as a guest choreographer for the Rosas company, Salva also came out with his own performances, the pieces Salva Sanchis / Bruno Vansina Double Trio Live  (2005), Ten Variations in G(2006) and Still Live (2007), all produced by Rosas. In the period 2003-2007, Salva's work was defined by a research that was guided by musical sources, and through working with jazz music in particular, he developed a personal approach to the relation between dance and music.

Salva has also danced in Marc Vanrunxt's performances on several occasions since the year 2000.

In November 2008, Salva premiered his 15th production, Objects in mirror are closer than they appear, a piece for four dancers and one musician, co-produced by Trafo Budapest, Kaaitheater Brussels, Mercat de les Flors Barcelona and Rosas. Objects... is a piece that confronts pure movement with themes such as alien abductions, out of body experiences (OBE) and advancements in cognitive neurology.

Also in 2008, he made a dance piece to accompany an organ solo live concert of Bernard Foccroulle, director of the opera of Aix-en-Provence and ex-director of the Brussels opera. The Organ Project continues and has changed into an improvisation piece with 4 à 5 dancers.

Salva collaborated with musician Kris Defoort in February 2010 for the improvisation solo Action. After that, in October 2010, he participates as a guest choreographer in Marc Vanrunxt new piece For Edward Krasinski.

In 2011Salva premièred now h e r e. This project is in many ways a continuation of the work started in Objects in mirror…. Accompanied by the same artistic team, Salva proposes now a work about parallel universes and about absence, a look at the other side of the mirror.

Angle premièred in 2012, it is a solo from Salva Sanchis in collaboration with pianist Yutaka Oya who performs short pieces by György Ligeti, John Cage, Luciano Berio, Jo Kondo and Keiko Harada.

For 2013 he is working on The Phantom Layer, a third groupschoreography with dancers Georgia Vardarou, Manon Santkin, Stanislav Dobak and Peter Savel. The Phantom Layer will première in October in Stuk.

Islands is a project of Salva Sanchis that ran continuously through the years 2014 and 2015. It consists of a collection of small dance pieces that will be presented both individually and in different combinations. There are solos, duets and trios ranging from 1 to 12 minutes long each. Each piece has its own separate identity, and together they form a diverse but specific movement and choreographic landscape. Islands is born out of the choreographic challenge of creating dances of short duration that are completely autonomous in their dramaturgy. Islands is to dance what short stories are to literature, or what songs are to music. The audience will have the opportunity of witnessing dances that don’t unfold into a bigger story, that don’t relate to a hidden master structure. Instead, each Island exists on its own, and because of that each Island doesn’t refer to anything but itself.

In March 2016 his last new creation premièred at Kaaitheater. For Radical Light, choreographer Salva Sanchis entered into dialogue with the music of Senjan Jansen and Joris Vermeiren. Under the name Discodesafinado, these two sound designers fuse minimal techno with experimental electronics, creating a wonderful pointillist palette of micro-sounds,both rhythmic and contemplative, incomprehensible and infectious. Radical Light is a choreography built entirely around the musical concept of ‘pulse’. It is a straightforward dance, multilayered and unadulterated.

Since 2009 Salva Sanchis is together with choreographer Marc Vanrunxt artistic leader of Kunst/Werk.