The Organ Project

Salva Sanchis & Bernard Foccroulle


During centuries, organ music has experienced diverse and enriching exchanges with dance and visual arts. Following this idea, Bernard Foccroulle, organ player and composer, searches for new dialogues with contemporary art forms.

This time, he has invited the choreographer Salva Sanchis and his young company to join him for a repertoire of baroque and contemporary works. The result is a surprising gesture, which is articulated through music and dance, choreography and improvisation, past and present.

Performed for the first time in October 2008, The Organ Project is a collaboration between Salva Sanchis and Bernard Foccroulle, ex-director of the opera of La Monnaie and current director of the Festival International D'Art Lyrique of Aix-en-Provence.

This ongoing project features Bernard Foccroulle playing a repertory of solo organ compositions. Salva Sanchis brings his current group of dancers for an encounter of dance and music always on very special locations, with the organ instrument itself as focus point, both musically and architecturally.



music: Bernard Foccroulle
choreography: Salva Sanchis
dance: Stan Dobak, Peter Savel, Manon Santkin, Salva Sanchis
production: Kunst/Werk
with the support of: de Vlaamse Gemeenschap


  • 06/10/08 Toulouse
  • 20/04/11 Cologne
  • 14/09/12 Abbey Grimbergen / CC Strombeek-Grimbergen
  • 13/10/12 de Doelen, Rotterdam
  • 26/02/13 Philharmonie Luxembourg
  • 15/04/13 Church Richeclaires, Brussels
  • 16/04/13 Church Richeclaires, Brussels
  • 26/01/14 in the context of Festival Pays de Danses/Théâtre de la Place, Orchestre Philharmonique Royal de Liège