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Marc Vanrunxt


During six Monday nights in the first half of 2012, you can experience the world of Marc Vanrunxt. Six unique evenings with as many perpectives on his work of more than twenty years in the Flemish dance scene. He looks back, ponders ànd looks ahead. It is an attempt at archiving with an eye on the future. Vanrunxt wouldn’t be him self if there wasn’t a twist. He is a master at persevering all the consequences of his own choreographic principles. When you think he has reached an extreme point, he keeps going just that bit further. As always, he makes performances that require a strong concentration of the audience and his dancers. With subdued energy and repetitive movement patterns Vanrunxt manages to create a grand gesture that turns itself inside out. Whenever you don’t expect it anymore, he knows how to suck you back in and you understand the need for the long run-up. The same audacity and radicality will be at stake in Marc@Monday, in form and content. He aims to reflect on his own practice and offer a deeper insight to the audience. He takes the opportunity to take a new turn, to revisit older work and mirror new creations to repertory work.

# 1 Marc@Monday with Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, Pablo Castilla - 23 January 2012

 # 2 Marc@Monday with Rob Fordeyn - 20 February 2012

# 3 Marc@Monday with Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen, opleiding dans - 26 March 2012

# 4 Marc@Monday with Lise Vachon, Marie De Corte - 23 April 2012

# 5 Marc@Monday with Igor Shyshko - 21 May 2012

# 6 Marc@Monday with ZWERM, Salva Sanchis, Georgia Vardarou, Etienne Guilloteau, Igor Shyshko, Jan Martens and Koenraad Dedobbeleer - 4 June 2012

images (c) Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, Marc Vanrunxt, David Bergé, Raymond Mallentjer, Reinout Hiel, Laure-Anne Iserief, Fabienne Séveillac.


  • 23/01/12 Marc@Monday #1, Monty, Antwerp
  • 20/02/12 Marc@Monday #2, Monty, Antwerp
  • 26/03/12 Marc@Monday #3, Monty, Antwerp
  • 23/04/12 Marc@Monday #4, Monty, Antwerp
  • 21/05/12 Marc@Monday #5, Monty, Antwerp
  • 04/06/12 Marc@Monday #6, Monty, Antwerp
  • 17/11/14 Marc@Monday Istanbul Special