Kunst/Werk Week

18-20 December


Kunst/Werk will present three productions in the Kaaistudio’s on three evenings + after talk + concert + performance.

18 December: The Phantom Layer by Salva Sanchis + after talk

19 December: Trigon by Georgia Vardarou, Salva Sanchis & Marc Vanrunxt + Concert by Gašper Piano & Julien Chamla

Gašper Piano (guitar), live musician in the first part of Trigon, will compose a music performance especially for the Kunst/Werk Week. He invites his companion Julien Chamla (drums). A concert of this duo is like a voyage through a noisy-ambient sound landscape. The fascination for different sound textures and for the timbres of their instruments forms the core of their work. Experiment and improvisation predominate. In dialogue with each other they construct compositions. Two different worlds/backgrounds are melting together: Chamla as a musician in the experimental-noise-jazz scene and Piano as a sound designer in the performance- and visual art.

20 December: Discografie by Marc Vanrunxt & Arco Renz + LustForLife by Sara De Bosschere & Marc Vanrunxt


  • 18/12/13 kaaistudio's, Brussels