Marc Vanrunxt & Georgia Vardarou



Marc Vanrunxt’s answer to the work of Georgia Vardarou: Hardcore Research on Dance will use the basic principle of letting go of formerly constructed forms and ideas into a non-structured space and time.

 I am interested in getting to time in its unstructured existence. That is, I am interested in how this wild beast lives in the jungle, not in the zoo. I am interested in how time exists before we put our paws on it - our minds, our imaginations, into it.(Morton Feldman)



choreography: Georgia Vardarou & Marc Vanrunxt

dance: Georgia Vardarou

music: Don Preston

production: Kunst/Werk

coproduction: TAKT Dommelhof

With the support of the Flemish Community

Thanks to  STUK, Kaaitheater en Dommelhof


  • 04/07/15 Julidans, Theater Melkweg, Amsterdam (NL)