Peter Lenaerts


MicroSleepDub is about micro sound, architecture and urbanism. It’s a research and recording project, and a durational performance built around a sound composition for dub plates (i.e. one-off LP’s without a protective layer, which causes the groove to wear itself out and the sound to disintegrate).

MicroSleepDub listens and looks for sounds that are too quiet, too vague, or too low. By using the microphone as a microscope, MicroSleepDub zooms in and amplifies these neglected, underexposed and discarded sounds.

Peter Lenaerts spent a week recording in Nansha, 15 years ago it a rural farmland, now a rapidly developing city built for 1 million people. Caught between a rural past and high-tech future, the present in between is out of sync with reality, and already slowly but surely falling apart.

Lenaerts then spent two nights alone at the iconic Sydney Opera House and recorded empty theater spaces, dressing rooms and concert hall.

These recordings result in a live soundtrack for 4 dub plates.

MicroSleepDub starts at midnight and ends at 8 am. The work is not an installation or concert, you are invited to come and sleep. There will be mattresses, sheets and the right sleeping conditions. Peter Lenaerts will read you bedtime stories about new cities and empty buildings and lull you to sleep with the sound of empty rooms.

Please bring anything to make your sleepover comfortable (clothes, cushion, toiletries, etc.) At the end of the performance, a small breakfast will be provided.


Concept, sounds, words & images by: Peter Lenaerts

Light design by : Salva Sanchis

Supported by: Workspace Brussels, The Institute for Provocation (Beijing), kunstencentrum

BUDA Kortrijk, Kunst/Werk VZW and the Flemish Authorities.

Many thanks to: Els Silvrants-Barclay, Guangzhou Nansha Pearl River World Trace Center, Ed Yi,

Rocky Luo, Doreen Liu, Katrina Lui, Beursschouwburg, Vincent Tetaert, Zsenne Artlab, David

Helbich, Manon Santkin, Elly Gabriels, Amber Ma.


  • 27/02/15 Buda, Kortrijk