marc vanrunxt

L’Art Touche Au Ciel et à La Terre (Xavier Mellery, 1901)

Marc Vanrunxt


At the invitation of Dansand, the biennal dance festival in Ostend, Marc Vanrunxt will present a new solo for Igor Shyshko:  L’Art Touche Au Ciel et à La Terre (Xavier Mellery, 1901).  Vanrunxt regularly likes to replace the black box or classical theatre space for  a different sort of location, in this case the beach of Ostend. After the duet Zeit Vanrunxt wanted to work with Igor again. The collaboration with visual artist Katleen Vinck, after Dune Street Project, will also be continued. The title comes from a painting from  Xavier Mellery that gives the ambition of this project away; a human dancing between heaven and earth at the edge of culture and nature : the surf.


choreography: Marc Vanrunxt
dance: Igor Shyshko
installation: Katleen Vinck
costume: Katleen Vinck, Chris Snik
coproduction: Dansand
production: Kunst/Werk
with the support of the Flemish Community


  • 04/07/14 Dansand, Ostend
  • 05/07/14 Dansand, Ostend
  • 06/07/14 Dansand, Ostend