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Marc Vanrunxt


In 1998 Marc Vanrunxt created the solo Private Collection for Eva Kamala Rodenburg, who had since then regularly appeared in his group choreographic works (including Raum and showtitle #63 BLACK MARK). Now, ten years later, they are once again focusing on the self-reflective questions and paradoxes behind Private Collection. Many paintings and sculptures have found their way into the collective memory even if they are in private hands. The catalogue reproduction, the poster, the postcard and the internet version are all common property, but the materiality of the object is not. What is the relationship between private, public, original and reproduction in a dance performance? How democratic is access to the theatre? How does a dance performance – such as Private Collection – make its mark on the public imagination? What is the materiality of this transient medium and in whose hands is it?

In Extraction, Marc Vanrunxt is not reconstructing the 1998 solo, but wants to paint over that work, distill its essence, present Eva Kamala Rodenburg in an even more beautiful and sophisticated manner. It is on her body that our desire is projected – we do not desire her as a person, but desire the care and attention that has moulded her into this form. The choreography is a mould, an exclusive pattern that results from custom work, a luxury item that is extracted from the dancer with extreme care and precision.

Marc Vanrunxt regularly allows ‘inserts’ by artists or musicians into his work. For Extraction he cooperated with the photographer David Bergé and artistic assistant Myriam van Imschoot. They all share a fascination for the monochrome, the area of single colour that we – despite its abstraction – experience as that much more real, precisely because it is not a picture of something external to itself and cannot become anything other than the materiality that it is.                                                                                                                                              Author Kristien Van den Brande


Marc Vanrunxt choreography

Eva Kamala Rodenburg dancer

David Bergé  artistic contributor

Stef Alleweireldt  light and technical realisation

Marie-Anne Schotte  coach

Inge Grognard  make-up

Costumes  from the collections of Maison Martin Margiela

Music Robert Ashley, In Sara, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven There Were  Men and Women (1974) - PINK FLOYD, Atom Heart Mother (1970)

Production Kunst/Werk

In collaboration with Kaaitheater and Vooruit

With the support of the Flemish Community


  • 12/03/09 Kaaistudio's, Brussels
  • 13/03/09 Kaaistudio's, Brussels
  • 14/03/09 Kaaistudio's, Brussels
  • 20/03/09 Monty, Antwerp
  • 21/03/09 Monty, Antwerp
  • 06/05/09 Concertgebouw Bruges
  • 02/10/09 Amperdans, Antwerp
  • 26/10/09 Stuk, Louvain
  • 27/10/09 Stuk, Louvain
  • 13/10/11 De Warande, Turnhout
  • 26/10/11 MInardschouwburg, Vooruit, Ghent
  • 01/12/11 C-Mine, Genk
  • 21/02/12 Toneelhuis, Antwerp