5 Februari 2015 (onder een verpletterende druk)

Marc Vanrunxt


In June 2012, the sixth edition of Marc Vanrunxt Marc@Monday-project at Monty in Antwerp was a succes. This one-time-event had dance, live music and projection. The choreography was created and shown to an audience on the same day.

‘5 Februari 2015’ aims te be a continuation of this ad hoc constellation, whilst holding on to this ‘wild way’ of working. Marc Vanrunxt invites dancers, choreographers and musicians to participate in a new and unique collective presentation for the eight edition of ‘de Antwerpse Kleppers ’15’, a yearly festival on performing arts in Antwerp. With the choreographic work of Vanrunxt at the center, this creation will be completed with contributions of people Vanrunxt has worked with in the past. Together with Jan Martens, Salva Sanchis, Marie Decorte, Rob Fordeyn, Lise Vachon, Els Mondelaers, Daniel Vanverre and Stef Alleweireldt, 5/2/2015 promises to be a beautiful and moving event.

Choreography is a fleeting and temporary form of art. In '5 Februari 2015', we will try to hold on to this short-liveliness and try to shape it. New ideas will develop and co-exist next to reprises and re-interpretations from past works: quotes from Only for Lise Vachon and from Discography, a solo for Rob Fordeyn set to music by Daniel Vanverre.

Marc Vanrunxt and Kunst/Werk have performed before at Bourla with Extraction, Zeit and Discografie.


from and with: Marc Vanrunxt, Marie Decorte, Rob Fordeyn, Jan Martens, Els Mondelaers, Salva Sanchis, Lise Vachon, Daniel Vanverre, Paul Verrept, Bart Meuleman, Mohamed Boujarra light design & technical realisation: Stef Alleweireldt production: Kunst/Werk