now h e r e

Salva Sanchis


view complete recording serait impossible, par exemple, de définir l'être comme une présence - puisque l'absence dévoile aussi l'être, puisque ne pas être la, c'est encore être.

( would be impossible, for instance, to define being as a presence, since absence also reveals the act of being: to not be there is still to be.)
J.-P. Sartre, L'Être et le Néant

I saw that, of the two natures that contended in the field of my consciousness, even if I could rightly be said to be either, it was only because I was radically both. Robert Louis Stevenson, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Two years after the premiere of Objects in mirror are closer than they appear, Salva Sanchis brings back together the same creative team for his new performance, titled now h e r e. 

Cognitive neurology and associated fields of study are constantly redefining the role of perception in our understanding of reality. At the same time, modern theoretical physics tells us that not only do we get diverging results from looking at the universe in different ways, but that we might also be actually transforming physical reality just by looking at it. This constant re-shaping of our understanding of the universe and ourselves in it was a source of inspiration and a point of departure for this project. The end point is a dance piece. And that in itself is a new starting point.

Featuring an original music score by Peter Lenaerts, now h e r e is a dance quartet that puts forward the idea of absence as its main generator. Every movement in the dance responds to and interacts with another movement that is not actually shown. Framed by the tension of the hidden vs. the apparent, the resulting dance is made of reactions rather than actions. But far from being just imperfect copies, all the movements that we do see become concrete in their own right, because they are motivated by something else that is real, if not present. Finally, the movement is because of what it refers to. As in Plato’s myth of the cave, all we see may be shadows, but those shadows do become our reality.

The music was created by following a similar process. Peter Lenaerts asked 4 musicians to respond separately to a number of original compositions. These recordings were then synced up with each other and the original composition was removed. Out of the resulting material Peter created a new score. Just as in the dance, the absent common generator binds the music together to create an independent object. Absence provokes presence.

The dialog between the music and the dance results in an abstract composition of a wide range of dynamics and limitless vocabulary. A piece that purposefully lives within the realm of pure dance, with a meticulous attention to language, and that offers multiple readings. Using a strict compositional approach to organize real-time generated movement, Sanchis presents what is probably his most radical and yet most nuanced work to date.

 Notes on choreography and music



Choreography: Salva Sanchis
Created and performed by: Tarek Halaby, Salva Sanchis, Manon Santkin and Georgia Vardarou
Music: Peter Lenaerts
Recording musicians: Simon Bauer (double bass), Brendan Dougherty (drums), Guido Henneboehl (electronics), Nils Ostendorf (trumpet)
Light design: Salva Sanchis
Understudy and technique: Stanislav Dobak
Graphic design: Paul Verrept
Special thanks to Marc Vanrunxt and Lance Gries.
Production: Kunst/Werk vzw


  • 18/02/11 Kaaitheater, Brussels
  • 19/02/11 Kaaitheater, Brussels
  • 02/03/11 Monty
  • 03/03/11 Monty, Antwerp
  • 15/03/11 Stuk, Louvain
  • 22/10/11 De Velinx, Tongeren