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She Was a Visitor

Marc Vanrunxt, Truus Bronkhorst, Jan Martens


A new dance performance from Truus Bronkhorst, Marc Vanrunxt and Jan Martens. Three dance makers from different generations with diverse experiences come together to make a new piece. The same language will resonate in three accents.
Truus Bronkhorst, Marc Vanrunxt and Jan Martens recognise a shared mentality in each other work. All three they love honest dance without compromise. Dance that triggers and stimulates the audience. Dance that doesn't shy away from emotion and even sentiment, at the same time being a challenge for the mind. Dance of a stubborn beauty.


  • 06/11/13 PREMIERE Toneelschuur, Haarlem
  • 22/11/13 Kikker, Utrecht
  • 23/11/13 Kikker, Utrecht
  • 27/11/13 Frascati, Amsterdam
  • 28/11/13 Frascati, Amsterdam
  • 29/11/13 Frascati, Amsterdam
  • 30/11/13 Frascati, Amsterdam
  • 14/12/13 AINSI, Maastricht
  • 10/01/14 Schouwburg, Arnhem
  • 31/01/14 Theater Zuidpool, Antwerp
  • 01/02/14 Theater Zuidpool, Antwerp
  • 04/02/14 Griffioen, Amstelveen
  • 06/02/14 Corrosia, Almere
  • 06/11/14 Dansehallerne, Copenhagen
  • 15/11/14 C-Mine, Genk


Brief Jan Martens aan Marc Vanrunxt en Truus Bronkhorst
November 2013