coaching residency Gdansk Dance Festival

Marc Vanrunxt


Maria Miotk invited  Marc Vanrunxt for a coaching program as part of the Gdansk Dance Festival. From the 12th until the 26th of February Marc Vanrunxt wil work intensively with three young Polish dancers on the development of their choreographic works. Natalia Rytelewska-Chilczuk, Daniela Komędera and Dmytro Grynov will première their performances on sunday 26th f February.

more information about the two works that the coachingproject is starting from:


The Human Cycle

Dancer: Natalia Rytelewska-Chilczuk, age 27

Estimated time: 15min


Music: Cely Grande: Scary Night, Hip Hop Instrumental, Friends 4 Ever, Rhzme Well

Video-art: screen divided in two, one half showing the cycle of coal (tree, mines, burning, diamond), the other human’s life (birth, work, Haven, hell)


Idea: Carbon is one of basic elements in almost every living creature, our market is based on carbon and burning coalit is one the most devastating factor for our environment. Do we live in a word dominanted by carbon/coal? Is the carbon cycle a human’s life cycle? Is it possibile to turn our back to industralism and go living in the nature?

The idea came up during a scholarship in Germany, when Natalia was lowered 1000 m beneath ground to observe work at the coal mine.

In polish coal and carbon are one word.


Natalia Rytelewska-Chilczuk – studied environmental protection and knowledge of culture. She is a student of Theatre Academy in Warsaw, and learning at on-line Creative Site Specific Dance and Performance workshop. She studied dance in ballet schools in Gdansk and Warsaw and during many workshops with Jacek Łumiński, Slava Krichmariev, Victoria Fox and others. Her sateg experience is within projects for young people in musical theatre and workshop-performance in National Opera.



I goIŋdeepe/andence

Dancers: Daniela Komędera, Dmytro Grynov (both 27 yo)

Estimated time: 35min


Music: M83, Machinefabriek, Daft punk, Van Morrison, Aaron Martin, Tim Hecker, Jonsi &Alex.


„It preaches the truth that is inaccessible”- says Hanka Skarżanka about independent theatre. Do you feel free attempting this event? Only the word „Freedom” can still touch people. The project is based on a collabration between artists from two different slavic countries: Poland and Ukraine. It is an attempt to evaluate current political and cultural situation they are experiencing while creating and expressing their thoughts and emotions. On stage and in their lives.


Daniela Komędera - dancer in Jacek Łumiński choreographies, co-creator of Heimsuchung/Nawiedzenie in Munchenawarded with Golden Mask of Silesian Woyevodeship. Dancer in Maciej Kuźmiński’s Room 40, awarded by audience on Polska Platforma Tańca and Różnica i Powtórzenie. Cocreator of Zrabowali mi składaka performed at Festival Dei Due Mondi in Spoleto. She dance with Theatre Amareya in Nomadic Woman and Kantor Tropy Collage and Dada von Bzdülöw in Transmigrazione di fermenti d'amore. Scholar of the polish Ministry of Culture and City of Bielsko –Biała.


Dmytro Grynov – worked in theatres in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and as freelancer. Within last years he collaborated with dancers from Batsheva Dance Company, Gothenburg Operans Danskompani, Ultima Vez, Korzo, such as: Erez Zohar Yaniv Abraham, Guy Shomroni, Jim de Block, Jasper van Luijk, Zebastian mente Maligna. He studied pantomime, physical theatre, countertechnique, acting, ballet and moder dance. He took classes with Ivan Perez Joerri DUBB, Marina Mascarell, Sarah Murphy, Karolina Mancuso from NDT.


coaching: Marc Vanrunxt

perfomance: Natalia Rytelewska-Chilczuk, Daniela Komędera, Dmytro Grynov

produced by Gdanask Dance Festival


  • 26/02/17 Coaching Project, Gdansk Dance festival