Marc Vanrunxt & Peter Verburgt


Peter Verburgt, Dutch author known from Wittgenstein Incorporated (1989) and Ik in het blauw (2014), came trough actrice Sara De Bosschere (De Roovers) to Marc Vanrunxt with a ‘dance-idea’. Peter Verburgt is writing a dance-scenario, a drama without words for three performers. Marc Vanrunxt invited three masterstudents from KASK to work on this scenario. These young performers Siska Baeck, Simon Van Schuylenbergh, Rosie Sommers are three enthusiastic artists who met Vanrunxt during his recent workshops at KASK DRAMA. In this first trajectory Vanrunxt and Verburgt will research endurance (as volume) and time (as time passage).


Choreography Marc Vanrunxt
Text Peter Verburgt
Performance students KASK DRAMA: Siska Baeck, Simon Van Schuylenbergh, Rosie Sommers
Object Katleen Vinck
Coaching Sara De Bosschere
Technics and light design Stef Alleweireldt
Production K/W Coproductie De Roovers in collaboration with KASK DRAMA, Gent with the support of the Flemish Community


  • 20/04/16 Monty, Antwerpen