Marc Vanrunxt

Prototype is a dance performance by Marc Vanrunxt infused by the einzelgänger Lucien Goethals, a pioneer of Flemish electronic music

my body is yours

28 march 2018

C-mine cultuurcentrum Genk | 20:15

Radical Light

Salva Sanchis

09 april 2018

| 13:09

On May 18th there is a showcase presentation of Radical Light for professionals in Kaaistudio's in Brussels. For info or reservation please contact:

For Radical Light, Sanchis enters into dialogue with Discodesafinado. Under this name, the sound designers Senjan Jansen and Joris Vermeiren make minimal techno with experimental electronics, a wonderful pointillist palette of micro-sounds, both rhythmic and contemplative, incomprehensible and infectious.

‘Trilling’ is the thread that runs throughout both the music and the movements of the dancers. Trilling forms the link between experience-related and formal dance.

White On White

17 march 2018

NTGent - Minnemeers | 00:00

White on White is a dance performance created by Marc Vanrunxt, Bahar Temiz, Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven and Jean-Paul Lespagnard.

What remains is future

David Bergé

What Remains Is Future is an installation and a book by artist David Bergé responding to the archive choreographer Marc Vanrunxt has been developing since 1981. The use of time and space in Bergé’s installation creates a transient moment where the archive of Marc Vanrunxt becomes only movement and ideas. Rather than attempting to establish a perceived totality of work, Bergé instead renders a physical archive and its totality as ultimately intangible and invisible.What Remains Is Future is Bergé’s spatial activation of this archive in the present.  It includes rescaled replicas of scenographic objects from the archive and a projection of archival photographs, physically appearing and then dissolving so as to stretch present time toward timelessness.

Dag van dans 2017

Kunst/Werk partipates in the program of the Day of dance 2017 wit a performance of Prototype at NTGent and a film presentation of  Victoria in Argos. This film by Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven is a re-interpretation of the choreography ‘Victoria’ by Marc Vanrunxt.


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