In 2001 Kunst/Werk was the first organisation formed around the oeuvre of more than one choreographer, namely Marc Vanrunxt and Alexander Baervoets. The following years Kunst/Werk developed into a dynamic organisation giving space to radical artistic practices and research. In 2005 the communal project f,r,o,g,s, OS and Sarma, the digital platform and research centre for dance and performance criticism, were invited to become part of Kunst/Werk while Marc Vanrunxt and Alexander Baervoets stayed central as dance makers. Thanks to Kunst/Werk Sarma could grow and the organisation functioned as stable base for C&H that grew out of the network f,r,o,g,s OS (2002-2008). Since 2009 Kunst/Werk focuses again on two oeuvres, namely Marc Vanrunxt and Salva Sanchis.