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Kunst/Werk is a tool to organize artistic activities such as research and creation in the field of contemporary dance. This is done on a structural base for choreographers Marc Vanrunxt and Salva Sanchis and project-related for independent dancers and choreographers who have an artistic connection with Marc Vanrunxt and/or Salva Sanchis such as Manon Santkin, Georgia Vardarou.

After years of creating work, mentoring, coaching, teaching and more it is clear that the artistic practice of Salva Sanchis and Marc Vanruxt has created tracks in the dance field, which are followed curiously and intensively by young choreographers and dancers. Both Salva Sanchis and Marc Vanrunxt consider their mentoring and coaching activities as an essential part of their artistic practices.

Colleagues and students often ask Salva Sanchis and Marc Vanrunxt for intensive, extended as well as for occasional artistic advice processes. Crucial is the sharing and passing on of knowledge, insight and experience. Mentoring is mainly about the creation of an environment of trust in a working relationship where mutual respect and openness have to be obvious. These qualities are necessary for working in depth by looking and listening, by allowing someone else on your territory, beyond taste, preferences and ego.

Here you find the projects that are supported by Kunst/Werk, besides the artistic creations of Salva Sanchis and Marc Vanrunxt, on the level of teaching, mentoring, research, residency, production, coproduction, artistic advice, technical advice, collaboration and more.